How to change Drupal 8 site UUID ?

How to change Drupal 8 site UUID ? Chintan Wed, 08/02/2017 - 12:01

UUID mismatch is painful when you try to migrate config between Drupal websites. If you sync the UUID between the website the config sync becomes very easy.

UUID sync using DRUSH : 

1. Go to your source website root using drush use below command
drush cget uuid

2. This command will return you UUID of source website something like:

uuid: da02566d-3075-425c-a435-4f5edc1d7d19 Copy this alpha numeric value.

3. Now go to destination website root in which you would like to modify UUID values.

4. Use below drush command and modify UUID value.

drush cset uuid "da02566d-3075-425c-a435-4f5edc1d7d19"



UUID sync using Drupal Console:

Drupal console is an interactive command line tool, It works pretty well in Q&A format. It makes developer life easy without remembering those long commands.

1. Fire below commands on the destination website drupal root, I am assuming here that you know UUID key of source website.
drupal config:override

2. It will start asking questions like below.
Enter configuration name : 
Enter the configuration key [uuid]:
> uuid
Enter the configuration value:
> da02566d-3075-425c-a435-4f5edc1d7d19

3. On success on you will receive old and original values in table format.