How to pass CSM test with flying colors? ScrumAlliance

Certifed Scrum Master exam

I recently passed Scrum Alliance CSM test with 92%. I studied scrum concepts for one week after formal training of 2 days from Certified scrum trainer.

How to pass CSM test?

CSM course is practical oriented so two-days training is the most important thing of this course. After completing the training candidate must pass CSM test within 90 days to become certified ScrumMaster.

Below are some of the tips to clear this test with less preparation.

  1. Understand the Rules and Roles in the scrum.

  2. Understand all of the artefacts of the scrum.

  3. Take a good look at all of the events/ceremonies in the scrum.

  4. Scenarios with multiples scrum teams and their integration for single product delivery.

  5. Agile vision, agile manifesto, Product vision.

Must important documents for study are 1. official scrum guide 2. Scrum primer. I found scrum primer more helpful than official scrum guide.

  1.Official scrum guide:

  2.Scrum Primer:

Mock tests play very important role to get comfortable with the type of questions and MCQ answers.

Note that most of the mock questions are very much easy as compared to CSM exam. CSM exam questions are tough and mostly scenario based.

You can take below mock tests for practice.

1. Scrum Open – 30 mock questions.

2. Mock Exam 4 U  Test – 50 questions each test. (Sometimes doesn't work but try your luck)

3. Scrum Source – This website has 3 mock tests with 30 questions each

You can find general information about Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster on the official website here.…

Happy Learning.

Update/21 June 2016 => Some of my friends used these mock tests and official scrum guides, They secured 100% in the CSM exam. If you are using these tests or any other source please let me know in comment section. I will update this blog with those new links.

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Update/20 October 2016 => As one of the blog reader commented here.
Above all mock tests are more helpful when you are giving exam through Scrum Alliance. There is one more exam provider, if you are taking CSM exam through then according to Anita these mock tests are not that useful. See her comment below. 

Update/19 January 2017 => One of the blog reader commented here. That He used a paid mock test and it was helpful. Its cost is $15 check here:

Update/30 January 2017 => I got the personal message on twitter from one of the blog writers about free scrum dumps.……

Update/20 March 2017 => One of the blog reader (Gunjan) commented here in his comment, Below links are also helpful take a look.…………-……;

Update/22August2017  => One of the blog reader Sam commented here about 10 more quizzes about scrum Check the link

Useful books for Certified ScrumMaster exam : 
1.Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process:
2.Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide:
3. The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay :


Love IT ! thanks Chintan for your one page.. Helped me to plan for the CSM .. Now have to give it a try  in Canada:)


Thanks for such a comprehensive and clear note for the scrum exam preparation..

Thanks for such a comprehensive and clear note for the scrum exam preparation..

Thanks for the very useful tips. I passed mine this morning with 97.1% (34 / 35). You are correct, the base is identical but the questions on the exam are tougher. You need to carefully read and correctly interpret them based on the general rules you learned in the training. Majority of the questions of my exam was by far about the different roles (21) with 7 questions on CSM general knowledge, 4 on CSM Scrum Meetings and 3 about the Scrum Artifacts..



Just wondering if the actual exam is timeboxed and if it is an open book exam

In reply to by Nathan

Hi Nathan, 

It is advised to take the exam in an hour but you can pause the exam if you want.  
Regarding "Open Book" thing it is not very useful to keep a book open and find answers from that... ! Most of the questions are scenario based so I feel our brain is the better tool than the book..! wink ;)

So go ahead and give the exam, Share your experience with us.

Is it mandatory to attend 2 days training from trainer? Cant we give certification test after self study?

In reply to by Vishal Gupta

Hi Vishal,
It is mandatory for ScrumAlliance Scrum certification, In fact, training is more important than the test.
In 2 full days training, we get hands-on training on each concept, After 2 days training, Certified scrum trainers enrol us for the exam.

P.S : There are some other certification providers allows you to directly appear to scrum exam but those providers are less popular/credible. Check this I will NOT recommend this  "get certification in 1 hour" thing.

Thanks, Certainly this page was very useful. 3 hrs perp and passed. But I have been using scrum for 5 years.

In reply to by Srutha

HI Srutha,

We need to answers minimum 24 questions correctly out of 35 questions, For passing candidate have to score above 68.57 %.
Test questions are scenario based and if the candidate was attentive in the 16hrs training sessions then scoring 70% is really easy.


Very useful Info Chintan. For 2 days training, can you recommend any online training? like Agile Scrum Training+Scrum Certification Prep. Training

In reply to by Aroh Shukla


Hi Aroh,

Online trainings are not that useful in this case because scrum agile concepts we can easily read from the internet but really tough part of it  is implementation with real people coming from different backgrounds, mindsets, and culture.

I highly encourage you to enrol for 2 days classroom training in your city, In which you will be part of the 5-6 membered team for 2 days.
You will play Product owners, ScrumMaster, developers, testers role to understand their perspective.
Practical is more important than theory :)

Do share your experience after.

Cheers \m/


Very useful information: 1. Where can i take CSM exam? Are there any centers or can it be taken online? 2. If i take CSM training in one country, can I take exam in another country? Regards.

In reply to by ANKUR MAHAJAN


Hi Ankur,

Q1. CSM exam is on-line and like an open book exam so you can take that exam in your home PC/laptop, No need to go to any centres.
Q2. Your ScrumAliance trainer enrols you to CSM exam then with in 90 days you need to pass this exam on-line. Once you are enrolled by your training then it hardly matter from which location you are giving the test.  But as this case is specific you I encourage you to through or ask your trainer, To double check on this.

Cheers \m/


Hi Team, Can anyone help me in getting correct answers for the following questions Thanks in advance. 1) Which 2 things are appropriate for a scrum master to do if the development team doesn’t have the engineering tools and infrastructure To completely finish each selected product backlog item? (Choose 2 answers) a) Coach the development team to improve its skills, tools and infrastructure overtime and adjust the definition of done accordingly b) Declare the development team not ready for scrum c) Encourage the product owner to accept partially done increments until the situation improves d) Have the development team establish as definition of done that is actually possible to achieve given current circumstances. e) Refocus the current sprint on establishing the development team’s infrastructure instead of delivering an increment. 2) When is implementation of a product backlog item considered complete? a) At the end of sprint b) When all work in the sprint backlog related to the item is finished c) When QA reports that the item passes all acceptance criteria d) When the item has no work remaining in order to be potentially released 3) Which topics should be discussed in the sprint review? a) Sprint results b) Coding and engineering practices c) The scrum process, and how it was used during the sprint d) All the above 4) During sprint retrospective, for what is the product owner responsible? a) Summarizing and reporting the discussions to the stakeholders that he/she represents. b) The product owner should not take part of sprint retrospective c) Capture the requirements for the product backlog d) Participating as a scrum team member 5) Scrum of Scrums is a)Dev team b)product manager c)scrum team d)scrum master

I think it's worthwhile to mention that there are two different certifying organizations. The rules for each organization is slightly different.

1. Scrum Alliance - This post is focused on the CSM test. To access this test you must take a two-day class. The instructor will give you a password for the CSM test. You must correctly answer 24 out of 35 questions correctly.

2. - If you prefer to self-study you can pay $150 to take the test. This is an 80 question test with a timebox of sixty minutes. The material is based on the Scrum Primer.

There are slightly different viewpoints between the Scrum Primer and the Scrum Guide. If you answer questions using the Scrum Guide, you will get the answer wrong.

The Mock Exam 4 U tests are based on the Scrum Guide. Do not use these mock tests to study for the test. has a mock test, there are also for pay organizations that have mock tests.

In reply to by Pavan Kumar

Both of the certifications are credible and you can opt for any one of them. According to google trends, Scrum Alliance is more popular, Though this is not the very scientific way to compare these two certification institutes.

Just take a look at,  

Hi Chintan, I came across the site which is offering $29 for CSM which is valid for all the countries. Can you let me know is there any difference if I go ahead with this cert where I found the fees is way cheaper than other site. Thanks!

In reply to by Mayuri

Hi Mayuri, 

Thanks for the comments, I also stumble upon this lately, In my personal view, I don't find it credible.
1. I enquired about this in my friend circle, One of my friends passed their SAMC ( Scrum Master Accredited Certification) + Their APRM (Accredited Project Manager ) according to his experience exams are very basic, You will not gain any knowledge.

2. and has the same office address it makes them less credible.

3. Also, you can read my old answer on quora regarding these institute here

4. Nonetheless, If you are looking for salary increments and want to flaunt these certificates to some dumb HR/PM 

then these are most affordable and quick certificates available in the market. wink wink :)

In reply to by Chintan

Hi Chintan, The links you provided was very helpful. After practicing the mock test for couple of time i was able to clear the exam with flying colors I scored 97.1. Thanks a lot.

Today I have completed my CSM exam with 100% score. I don't know how but its true that I got 35/35 score. Thanks Chintan for your information and useful links for the mock tests. I have gone through all and also studied one month with different documents and from sites. Again thanks to all for all the info shared in this page.

is the 2 day training for CSM is compulsary? can we not take the Scrum Alliance CSM Test directly by doing the self study?

In reply to by Archana

Hi Archana, 

For ScrumAlliance CSM certification : Two-day training is mandatory. Refer requirements section in this page :

I recommend you to take two-day training from the certified trainer, Though if it is not possible to you to take two-day course, you can opt for PSM certification in which two-day in-person training is not mandatory.

Both CSM and PSM are well-recognized certifications in the industry

Best of luck. Cheers \m/

In reply to by Sreenivas A.P

Hi Sreenivas,
Please refer below pdfs for syllabus and mock test links are given on the blog .
1.Official scrum guide:

2.Scrum Primer :

Hello Chintan, I add more free test from They are Scrum Alliance REP and they had 3 free test online for SCM.

Hi Chintan Thanks for putting up all the key pointers at one place. Based on your understanding how much time does it take to clear CSM exam post attending required class room session ?

In reply to by Vivek

Hi Vivek,
The ideal time to clear this exam is first 2 weeks after completion of classroom sessions.
It's easy to pass the exam when all concepts are at the top of our memory stack.

Cheers \m/

Hi Chintan How many times can you start/stop the exam? Is there a limit? Thanks for all the good info on CSM program.

In reply to by Ram


Hi Ram,

I guess there is no limit for that but I am not 100% sure on this. If there is any limit, It is not in my knowledge.



Mock Exam 4 U Test – 50 questions each test. I am unable to register on this website. Is it only me?

In reply to by Philippus Roos

Hi Philippus, 
I tried to register today on
You are right their user registration is not working. :(
I have not received any welcome email. I gave feedback regarding that. Let's check after some days. 

Hi Chintan, Your blog is very informative. I am planning for ScrumAlliance CSM certification. For 2 days training, is it mandatory to attend a class room tutoring or can we attend online tutoring from a certified Scrum Master. Please advise if there are any good online tutor with reasonably priced. Regards

In reply to by MSK


For ScrumAlliance CSM: Two days classroom training is mandatory.
For CSM : classroom training is optional.


You can also refer an informative thread on quora:

Cheers \m/

In reply to by Chintan

Hello Chintan, I thought of attending some online course for 2 days, but it looks mandatory to attend class room training for ScrumAlliance CSM. Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Chintan, I want to do CSM.. So I need to refer below links and coming to Mock test is there a specific link ... and last question is 26 is the pass score for 35 questions 1.Official scrum guide: 2.Scrum Primer :

In reply to by Raghu

Hi  Raghu,

For ScrumAlliance CSM you need to answer  24 question correct out of total 35 questions.

To get a passing score, you must correctly answer 24 of the 35 questions.   - See more at:


Hi Chintan, Excellent Blog !! Extremely informative about guides and Mock tests. I am planning to take the test in the next couple of weeks. Will let you know how it goes !! Moreover similar to this does anyone know a comprehensive blog or website for PMP Exam ?

In reply to by Rupesh

Hi Rupesh,
Hope you have given CSM exam, My knowledge about PMP is very limited so I don't want to give any vague answer. 
I will post a blog if I get any good resource. :)

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