Create free website with free domain in absolutely Zero budget.

Create free website with free domain in absolutely Zero budget.


You can create free website with free domain in absolutely Zero budget,

Yes, you heard me right and there are no hidden charges attached to this. If you would like to build simple website, may be cool single webpage then this solution will help you to setup your website with free domain.

As it is free so there is no one click solution for this, Some patience are needed for this recipe.

We will use : 

1. for free domain registration

2. Google sites for free website.

Step one: Get free domain.

Open your account on which is free domain provider. After registration go to Domains >> Register a new domain page and search for your domain name. Important point here is you will not get .com, .net or .org like domains because they all are not freely available.

free website with free domain


You will able to see “Get it now” button in front of domains which are available for free. Click on this button. Finally click on “Checkout


free website with free domain

After checkout it will ask you for free period selection, by default it is 3 months@Free change this to 12 months@Free.

Now you have your free domain ready with you. Keep open website, we will need it in step three.


Step Two : Get a free website by using

Use to create a website, I would suggest use single page and try to accommodate all info in the same page, I will tell you the reason. 

Very important step : You need to enable a setting for google sites integration with domain, So go to “Manage site >> General” and in security section enable embedding of your sites in other sites.

free website with free domain

Now Copy the website URL which you have newly created, It will be something like we will need this url to integrate with our domain.

Make some cosmetic change in Site name, Update the content, upload some pretty images to your site and we are done with website part here.

Step Three: Domain and Website Integration.

Head to freenom website and open “My domains” page where you will able to see all of your free domains now hit “Manage Domain” button.

free website with free domain

On Manage Domain page go to Management Tools >> URL Forwarding, Paste your website url in to “URL Forwarding” textbox and Forward mode “Frame (cloaking) default”

free website with free domain

Now go and take a cup of coffee, because it will take approx. 30 min to apply this integration change. After some time visit to your domain in my case it was You will able to see the website.

And I have not forgot to answer, why I was insisting to create single page website because when we use URL forwarding to google site website URL will remain same for all the pages, It will not be like It will remain for all the pages. 

free website with free domain


If you follow the stpes and create this free website with free domain, you will save approx. Rs. 3000 per year (Domain Rs. 500+ Hosting 2500) So Share this blog on facebook, Twitter &  Whatsapp. Sharing buttons are at top of this blog.  :)


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