Create online t-shirt store with zero budget.


Yes, you heard me right. You can design online, upload and deliver t-shirts to your buyers with zero budget. Still not convinced ,  then read this blog.

First thing first, you need to open your account on Mydreamstore, This is the platform where you can design & sell  t shirts.

After login you have to update your profile with all  necessary details.

Every t-shirt design is a campaign so click on “Start new campaign"

Now on design page you can do following tasks.

-Type Text on t-shirt.

-Upload a good quality image from your computer.

-Change the color of image.

-Flip image (mirror flip)

online t-shirt store zero budget.

When you are satisfied with your design hit save and go to next page.

Here in this page it will ask you details about quantity, price and campaign duration.

Ideal starting values should be quantity=5

Price = depends on product but keep it affordable

Duration should be minimum 7 days. (It can be auto re-launched after 7 days by single click, Redesigning is not required for same product)

online t-shirt store zero budget.

Now crucial part comes after launching your campaign: Online/Offline Marketing of your t-shirts. You can share the links on Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp anywhere.

I know...

Now you are thinking "How they do it?" So assume a case where you have created 5 tees with sales price Rs. 399 and it costs you Rs.315 (base price) and your campaign duration is 7 days.

MDS guys will print your design when both of following things happens.

1. You should sell minimum number t-shirt in this case 5

2. You need to sell those 5 tee within 7 days.

Let’s say  you got order for 3 tees from various buyers and failed to sell 5 tees then they are not going to print your design and your buyer will get refund.

So Best of  Luck for your first t-shirt campaign. Start from here.