Create your first mobile app in zero budget

Create your first mobile app in zero budget


Its mobile world now, every small or big business houses are seriously thinking about mobile apps/websites.

In this blog, I will teach you how to create your free mobile app and no coding required.

For this, we will be using an app creator service call as Appypie. So head on to

1. Create your account first, you can use Facebook connect for first time log-in.

2. After successful login, you will land on dashboard page which simple and full on information about every service.



. Now we will start to create our first amazing mobile app, so click on “Create Apps” tile 



4. Select a cool name for you app see below as I am writing this blog in my “zero-budget” blog series, I decided to give app name as "Zero Budget".  Also select the appropriate category for your app like online business, Information, Restaurant etc. When you are done with all of this info.  on this page hit NEXT button to move to theme selection section.

5. There are total 12 themes in free app creation plan, you can use any one of that theme and don’t worry you can modify the look and feel of any theme before publishing your app.



6. After theme selection, you will move to app creation which is “Build” tab. The build section splits into two halves, App Pages and Theme customization. This is the main area where you will add/remove your app pages. Depending on your requirement modify pages like About Us, Enquiry form or Simply add new pages with your products/services information.






Spend some time on build section play around. There are plenty of options available, DO NOT RUSH  to publish your app with raw data or test data because once you publish your app there is no option present to edit/update anything in published app. If you need to update your app after publishing you need to buy paid plan enable editing options.

7. When you are happy with your content of app then move next theme customization section where you can change almost everything about your app's theme like app background images, color schemes, Font etc.

8. After revising your app content and theme, if you feel something is still pending and needs to be updated, you can save this half-baked app as “SAVE DRAFT” (top right blue button), On next visit to appypie you can “Resume Editing” from your dashboard.

9. Now when you are satisfied with app content and theme, go to “Publish” section, There are multiple plans available for you, Left  most plan is free to subscribe to that.


1Mobile-app-in-zero-budget-60. You will get acknowledge message on screen and link to “Continue to dashboard” 


11. Choose “My App" section  to see your new app, There are lot of options present for app but most of them are disabled for free plan, We are interested in two options here, DOWNLOAD and  APP AS WEBSITE 



When you visit download page, first choose platform like android, IPhone & check status of your new app (top right section), if your apps status is like “App creation in progress” wait for 15 minutes, it will change in to “Available for Download”, then “click on download” button. It will provide the .apk file for android.  You can install that in your mobile.


This is the really cool feature, you can use this new app as the mobile website. There is default link provided for a mobile site but you can also add your custom domain. Go through simple instructions if you would like to configure your custom domain. In addition to that, you may need to add small script your desktop version of the website so it will detect the browser size. if browser width is less than 800px it will render mobile site automatically.


The mobile site and mobile app will have the same look and feel see below . Cheers.



If you follow the steps and create your first mobile app, you will save approx. Rs. 5000-10000, So Please share this blog on facebook, Twitter &  Whatsapp.  Sharing buttons are at top of this blog.  :)

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