How to pass Leading SAFe 4.0 Exam ?

Leading SAFe 4.0

Recently I cleared Leading SAFe 4.0 exam with 87% score.The certified SAFe 4.0 Agilist is indeed tough exam and if you lack experience in Scrum or SAFe implementation then it becomes very hard to crack this exam. In this blog, I will provide some steps which will guide you in Leading SAFe 4.0 exam preparation.  

[ Note: if you are looking for Leading SAFe 4.0  exam questions then this is not the right place.Exam questions are confidential and SAFe is very much serious about keeping them secret to maintain quality of exam]

First thing first, Two full-day training of scaled agile framework is the most important part of this certification. I would suggest that you should actively participate in the training workshop and ask as many questions you get. Write this extra information in the workbook (which will be given to you in the training)

After completing the two-day training workshop, you need to pass this exam in 30 days. Your trainer enrols you to Scaled Agile Institute after enrolment you get the welcome email, your 30-days start when you receive the welcome email.

As you have 30 days in hand and you can pause and restart exam as many time you want (within 30 days) I would suggest spending the rest week only on

(Update: 3 July 2017: With the launch of SAFe 4.5 things have changed a little bit. SA exam is timeboxed for 90 Minutes and it is closed book now Reference:

1. Revision of workbook at least twice. 
2. Read all of the details on click on each component of the framework which will provide you the in-depth description of it.
3.Try to understand all 4 levels of the framework i.e. 1. TEAM,2.PROGRAM,3.VALUE STREAM,4.PORTFOLIO
4. You need to identify the important events and ceremonies from each level
5. Spend some time on understanding every role on each level. Just, for example, ScrumMaster@team, RTE@program, VSE@valuestram
6.  You need to understand the important concepts of Lean-Agile mindset, House of Lean, 12 Agile principles, 9 SAFe principles, Built-in-Quality, Implementing 1-2-3
7 .  Pre & Post PI planning are important event try to understand purpose and importance of these events.
8. Pl Planning is the backbone of SAFe so you must be aware of this event and every aspect of this.
9. Understand WSJF and Cost of Delay relation, Lean-Agile budgeting for the value streams. 
I will keep updating this blog upon your feedback, Please let me know if you have used any other helpful resource for the study I will surely include that also.

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Update/23August2017: The few sample questions from Scaled Agile website h ttps://

Update/03Oct2017: One of the blog readers(Renjith Vallathil) suggested that  "Get SAFe Now" book helped to pass the exam. Book link: 

Update/01Nov2017: What is new in SAFe 4.5 framework is available in whitepaper "SAFe® 4.5 Introduction" Refer this page to download the copy.

Useful Books for SAFe Framework :
1. Get SAFe Now:
3.SAFe® 4.0 Reference Guide:
4.Tribal Unity: Getting from Teams by Creating a One Team Culture:
5.Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs and the Enterprise:
6.Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises (Agile Software Development Series)


Submitted byRahul Prajapati (not verified) on Wed, 12/06/2017 - 23:40

Hello Umarani,

I have taken class of SAFe 4.5 SP and planning to give exam for it. I have been trying to give practice test from scaled agile website itself but i am not getting much score. I have tried 3-4 time but i get 67% only. I can't even what are the right answers. Could you please help me out in giving me the right answers for that practice test so i can be more confident and give final exam ?

Submitted byChintan on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 10:21

Hi Rahul,

Great that you are doing practice tests. Don't worry if you are getting low score.   Refer this framework click on each function and read more about it.

Create own notes using workbook (you got that book in the class)  and, Your notes will help a lot.
Drop me email on for further discussion 

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