How to pass CSM test with flying colors? ScrumAlliance

Certifed Scrum Master exam

I recently passed Scrum Alliance CSM test with 92%. I studied scrum concepts for one week after formal training of 2 days from Certified scrum trainer.

How to pass CSM test?

CSM course is practical oriented so two-days training is the most important thing of this course. After completing the training candidate must pass CSM test within 90 days to become certified ScrumMaster.

Below are some of the tips to clear this test with less preparation.

  1. Understand the Rules and Roles in the scrum.

  2. Understand all of the artefacts of the scrum.

  3. Take a good look at all of the events/ceremonies in the scrum.

  4. Scenarios with multiples scrum teams and their integration for single product delivery.

  5. Agile vision, agile manifesto, Product vision.

Must important documents for study are 1. official scrum guide 2. Scrum primer. I found scrum primer more helpful than official scrum guide.

  1.Official scrum guide:

  2.Scrum Primer:

Mock tests play very important role to get comfortable with the type of questions and MCQ answers.

Note that most of the mock questions are very much easy as compared to CSM exam. CSM exam questions are tough and mostly scenario based.

You can take below mock tests for practice.

1. Scrum Open – 30 mock questions.

2. Mock Exam 4 U  Test – 50 questions each test. (Sometimes doesn't work but try your luck)

3. Scrum Source – This website has 3 mock tests with 30 questions each

You can find general information about Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster on the official website here.…

Happy Learning.

Update/21 June 2016 => Some of my friends used these mock tests and official scrum guides, They secured 100% in the CSM exam. If you are using these tests or any other source please let me know in comment section. I will update this blog with those new links.

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Update/20 October 2016 => As one of the blog reader commented here.
Above all mock tests are more helpful when you are giving exam through Scrum Alliance. There is one more exam provider, if you are taking CSM exam through then according to Anita these mock tests are not that useful. See her comment below. 

Update/19 January 2017 => One of the blog reader commented here. That He used a paid mock test and it was helpful. Its cost is $15 check here:

Update/30 January 2017 => I got the personal message on twitter from one of the blog writers about free scrum dumps.……

Update/20 March 2017 => One of the blog reader (Gunjan) commented here in his comment, Below links are also helpful take a look.…………-……;

Update/22August2017  => One of the blog reader Sam commented here about 10 more quizzes about scrum Check the link

Useful books for Certified ScrumMaster exam : 
1.Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process:
2.Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide:
3. The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay :


In reply to by SP

Hi SP,

If you have not invested money on EXIN then I will recommend you to go for or Scrum alliance scrum certification. As compare to EXIN, these two institutes are old.

In my point of view, the course offered  EXIN and simple learn may be good but they are less credible.
For example: As a part of promotions Simplilearn marketing team asks a question regarding EXIN scrum on Quora and users like Bhanu Chauhan, Harish Mani, Sandip Roy post answers saying good things about EXIN and simplilearn, The answers given by user looks very much "managed" and all three users came on quora to answers this question only between 16 -20 June. (they haven't  answered any other question)

Refer :

Also read this informative thread:

Hi Chintan, Can you please recommend good training Institutes for CSM Classroom Training? There are quite a few training institutes that claim they are the best for CSM Training as they have the best of CST's. Institutes like SimpliLearn, Knowledgehut, AcadGil, GreyCampus, SprintZeal etc.Waiting for your response :) Regards, Tarang

In reply to by Tarang

Hi Tarang,

The Knowledgehut is one of the best in the lot.  Honestly, A scrum good training is totally dependent on "The trainer" so search for a good trainer then it becomes irrelevant from which franchise you are giving your scrumalliance/ exam.

A good experienced trainer will teach you how to address real-life issues with teams/product owners etc. I got my training from Kiran Thakkar (
If you get a chance then enrol for his class. I checked his calendar but sadly he is not available in India in near future but definitely keep eye on his schedule.

You can also refer knowledge hut training calendar here:

Cheers \m/

In reply to by Chintan

Hi Chintan, I am looking for a good and experienced trainer. I checked for Kiran Thakkar and knowledge hut and unfortunately i do not find them in my area. I found that Mike Beedle available and close to where i stay. Do you know anyone in your friend circle who has attended his training? here is the link -->

In reply to by Hafsa

Hi Hafsa,
Sure I will check for feedback about Mr Mike Beedle training.

He is the co-author of one book which was published in 2001 so I feel he is a very experienced trainer.

In reply to by Chintan

Hello Chintan, i cleared the CSM exam with 100% passing. thank you for sharing all the links, they were indeed very helpful.

In reply to by Hafsa

Hi, Can you please guide me what to prepare. I will be writing CSM next week.

In reply to by Sindhuri

Hi Sindhuri,
1. Go through Scrum guide.
2. Practice all mock tests given above.
3. Go through training workbook which you got in classroom training.
That's all. Best of luck

Cheers \m/

In reply to by Tarang

I used knowledge hut and thought it was great. I also did some free practice tests like the ones already mentioned and one paid test by I thought going through some practice tests was enough prep.

In reply to by Suresh MK

Hi Suresh. Congratulations on passing the test. Did you just use the free sample tests provided in the link? or did you use any other paid samples to prepare? I have just finished the two day training and want to give the test in the next couple of days? will this be enough time to prepare?

Hi Chitan, The link is no longer working:

Hi Chintan, I have completed CSM test today and passed with score of 100%. Thanks for you effort for putting CSM matterial at one place and clear guidence on CSM test. Thanks again for very information blog. Niranjan

Hi Chintan, I have completed my CSM test today and passed with score of 100%. Thanks for your effort by keeping all CSM related information at one place & clear guidance on CSM test, also your blog is very informative. Thank you once again!!!! Sreekanth.

This is an excellent blog for bringing together those who are interested in the CSM exam. I just now passed the exam (32 out of 35). The questions that I missed concern unusual scenarios (Product owner is unavailable, Product owner is overworked, etc.) Most of the exam questions focused on a deep understanding of roles, events and time box durations. Emphasis as well on Agile Manifesto. I took my 2-day class from CollabNet Inc. in Dallas, TX. I used the Scrum Reference Card from Michael James as additional reference. I already have my PMP from 2009, and I find that preparing for the CSM exam is more enjoyable, intuitive, and thus, easier (than the PMP).

Hi Chintan, I am planning to apply for CSM Certification. I have gone through the blog. I am thinking to take training from LeanPitch. Please guide me for institute as well as preparation point of view. Thanks & Regards, Nitin Phatangare

Thanks Chintan for making and keep updating this blog. I just cleared my CSM exam with 100% (35 out of 35 correct :-)). Beside the sites which you have mentioned, I would like to highlight following sites which are really - really very useful for the exam. All the best for who wants to appear next in the exam !!!

Scrum Alliance calls it Certified Scrum Master(CSM) while Scrumstudy calls it Scrum Master Certified (SMC) and another Professional Scrum Master (PSM). Do they carry the same weight in the Job market or is one preferred over the other? I honestly don't understand the inconsistency.

In reply to by Mary Laniyan

Hi Mary,
Scrum Alliance is the oldest among three. Scrum Alliance started in 2005, ScrumStudy started in 2011.
I would recommend Scrum Alliance CSM, you need to attend two-day training for this and believe me 2-day training is really important to understand real world issues and how to deal with them.

But if it is not possible to you to take two-day course, you can opt for PSM certification in which two-day in-person training is not mandatory.

There is also good discussion thread on Quora take a look :

Hi Chintan Do you think its possible to pass doing a self-study on the Scrum Alliance manual? Or would you say the training is mandatory? Also I wasn't sure what the actual pass mark is? Is it 80 or 85%? Thanks, Anton

In reply to by Anton Katz

Hi Anton,

Q1: would you say the training is mandatory?
Answer : For ScrumAlliance CSM certification : Two-day training is mandatory. Refer requirements section in this page :
I recommend you to take two-day training from the certified trainer, Though if it is not possible to you to take two-day course, you can opt for PSM certification in which two-day in-person training is not mandatory.

Q2: I wasn't sure what the actual pass mark is? Is it 80 or 85%?

Answer : For ScrumAlliance CSM you need to answer  24 question correct out of total 35 questions. Which is 68.57 % to be precise. Read more here :

Cheers \m/

In reply to by Chintan

Hi Chintan Sorry missed your reply, so apologies for taking so long to respond Thanks for your response, and will book myself the two-day course Cheers, Anton

I want to sit for the CSM is it a difficult exam and how many weeks post training do you need and how many hours a day?

In reply to by oladee

Hi Oladee,

Exam is easy if you attend two-day classroom training, Most of the queries get cleared in training itself. After two day training a week sufficient for preparation.

Go for it, You will get good score. Cheers \m/ 

Hi Chintan, your blog proved to be very useful! Thanks for keeping it so up to date! I passed the CSM exam this evening with 100% score ??!

Hi Chintan, Excellent Blog ! Extremely informative about guides and Mock tests. Could you please guide me for some good institute for two days class room training in Bangalore.

Hi Chintan, Please help me, how can I register myself for CSM training. Through which website, which institue, which trainer & fee structure. I'm from Banglaore

In reply to by Anonymous

Hi There,

Knowledge Hut is one of the best in India, Pls refer its training calendar for Banglore city

Cheers. \m/

Hi Chintan,I am working as QA and involved in scrum model for about 8 months and i like to do CSM to get improved in my technical wise.Can you suggest good CSm training center in chennai.what are steps i have to take to clear CSM successfully.Thanks & regards Murugan

In reply to by Murugan

Hi Murugan,

Go for it. It will help you a lot. Check these training events for Chennai location.

Cheers \m/

Hello Chintan, I would like to thank you for this page. It proved to be a great help for me. The sample questions helped me ace the exam (secured 100%). Very grateful to you. One suggestion though. I can not pin point but there was a sample paper where some questions had a different answers as compared to my research from other forums. I changed my answers accordingly.

In reply to by Anuj

Hi Anuj,
Thanks for the wonderful feedback. If you are able to recall the misleading questions then let me know, I will update them on the blog, so it will help others.

Congrats on 100% \m/



In reply to by Arun Singh

Hi Arun,
If you are interested in product management then your can go for Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)
Pls refer this:

Hi Chintan Thanks for all your tips and advice (as well as the others that contributed to this blog) for passing the CSM I wrote my exam last night and passed well (32/35), so your input was greatly appreciated. In terms of my personal apporach, I found this worked really well for me: 1) Study the Offical Scrum Guide and know it very well 2) Do as many practice exams as you can (including the CSM dumps as 3 questions in my exam came out of the dumps) 3) Do the 2-day CSM course 4) right the exam as soon after as you can while the knowledge is still fresh I found this approach worked well for me, and one that I would recommend Cheers, Anton

Hi Chintan, I am planing to appear for CSM exam in next few days. My plan is as follows. 1. I am currently reading SBOK. 2. Post one round of reading SBOK, I plan to attend class room training 3. Post classroom training, I plan to appear for few mock tests 4. If my mock tests results are above 70%, i plan to appear for final exam Is this correct approach? Please suggest

In reply to by Amit

Hi Amit, 
Your plan sounds great. Actively participate in classroom activities and spend a week on post training study. That will be enough to clear CSM.
Best of Luck \m/ 

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