Knowledge Assessment For Drupal

In my recent assignments, I was asked to make one document which will cover all necessary  aspects of the Drupal project . So it will be easy  for Trainers  and   Recruiters as well. 
Level  :  Basic 

•    Software Installation : Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 installation
•    Basic LAMP setup and configuration : Setting and configuring LAMP
•    Language : PHP, Drupal APIs, JavaScript , HTML/CSS,  XML & XSLT , JQuery , Ajax , JSON    
•    Basic PHP : Basic PHP functions &  concepts 
•    LAMP knowledge : Basic commands of Linux ,Apache & Mysql  conf.files and settings.
•    Knowledge of Drupal APIs and concepts.
•    Site Architecture : Web-Site creation, Layouts, CSS, etc    
•    Designing & Theming: Theme customization and sub theme creation
•    Drush commands : Command line tool for Drupal operations
•    Out of the Box Features - (pages, blocks, feeds) : Workflows, notification, Groups/Permissions, articles, blogs, polls, image gallery,webforms, Web-Site creation, Layouts, RSS feeds, blocks etc
•    Import\Export and Backup\Restore : Basics of capability - using Drush
•    Security & Authentication : Drupal authentication or third party authentication    
Level : Intermediate

•    PHP  functions & Classes : Concepts and Understanding & implementation.     
•    Drupal Modules , Themes, Hooks : Concepts and Understanding & implementation.
•    Custom Coding : Extending contributed module and theme according to project need. Writing patch or integrating an existing patch into Drupal modules
•    Drupal - Ajax, JQuery,JSON,XML : Use of these supporting languages in Drupal modules
•    Sandbox Solution / POC :  Creation Sandbox or POC using Drupal
•    Drupal third party  Services :  Integration with Payment Gateways, Facebook, twitter, linked, SSO,Open ID
•    Configuring Service Application : Configuration of varnish cache or Apache Solr search
•    Configuration & Administration 
•    Browser Compatibility : Browser Considerations (Safari/Firefox/IE/Chrome)
•    Drupal Multisite and Multilingual support:
•    Creating Views, Panels, Features, Web Forms, Taxonomy  etc : Creation of this Drupal basic functionality using contributed modules.
Level  : Advanced

•    Communication with other CMS by custom coding : Integration with SharePoint, Site core  or .Net , Java based solutions Alfresco , Life ray etc.
•    Deployment of Drupal on LAMP, cloud or Cluster servers  : Deployment and Maintains strategies
•    Web Semantics : Metadata and Web coding standards
•    REST API & xml-rpc Web services : User of Web service protocols and integration
•    Creation of custom module and community contributions : Implementation  Drupal coding standard modules themes
•    Managed Metadata / Taxonomy Setup : Overview, Metadata & Taxonomy Services, Planning Terms & Term Sets, Governing content types/policies/Services, Importing managed metadata, Multilingual Term Sets
•    Drupal  updates/ Upgrade/Migration : Overview of the upgrade process model, planning upgrade, upgrade of core / contrib. /Custom functionalities
•    Security Precautions : XSS , DOS attacks,SQL Injections  etc.