Knowledge Transfer Documents for Typical Drupal Project

Recently I came across with this question, “What all documents required for proper knowledge transfer of any Drupal project"? 

As usual, I went to search on but failed to find any document list so I started making it on my own.

Considering the team experience level may be some of the documents are irrelevant but here in my case I have a bunch of newbies in the team. So I preferred it simple and stupid.

So here is the list: 

 1. Information about Infrastructure: Server/Environmental Details (Dev/QA/Prod/) 

2. Details of LAMP/WAMP Installations: Detailed info about Web server/DB/PHP

3. Other Application used on Servers: In the case of Cache Server/Media server.

4. Details of Database server & Understanding of database structure: In case of cluster db servers, Details for Master, Slave db & replica db. In case of mixed storage engine list of table under specific particular storage engines.

5. Web/DB Server Topology: Details of web server / db server/ load balancer server etc.

6. Drupal Core Version.

7. Details of mulit site / sub sites /groups etc.

8. List of Contributed Modules & Themes.

9. List of Custom Modules & Themes,

10. Documentation on code changes made in Custom module /theme: Detailed study of custom modules and themes and requirement understanding with the help of High level diagrams 

11. Details of PATCH applied on Contributed modules.

12. Details about External Services: If any external service is involved in application likes Flicker/You Tube / Face book/Twitter etc.

13. List of Content Types & their Usages.

14. List of Views & their Usages.

15. Details of Web form/panels/cck forms/Custom blocks/Pages etc.

16. Pending/New Change Requests. 

17. Detailed Bug list of open bugs.

18. Details of open issues posted on forums for resolution (URLs).

If I missed something please mention it in comments.