Knowledge transfer documents typical Drupal project

Recently I came across with this question, “What all documents required for proper knowledge transfer of any Drupal Project"?

As usual I went to search on but failed to find any document list so I started making it on my own.

So here is the list:

  1. Information about Infrastructure: Server/Environmental Details (Dev/QA/Prod/)

  2. Details of LAMP/WAMP Installations: Detailed info about Web server/DB/PHP

  3. Other Application used on Servers: In case of Cache Server/Media server.

  4. Details of Database server & Understanding of database structure: In case of cluster db servers, Details for Master, Slave db & replica db. In case of mixed storage engine list of table under specific particular storage engines.

  5. Web/DB Server Topology: Details of web server / db server/ load balancer server etc.

  6. Drupal Core Version.

  7. Details of mulit site / sub sites /groups etc.

  8. List of Contributed Modules & Themes.

  9. List of Custom Modules & Themes,

  10. Documentation on code changes made in Custom module /theme: Detailed study of contributed module and themes and requirement understanding with the help of High level diagrams

  11. Details of PATCH applied on Contributed modules.

  12. Details about External Services: If any external service is involved in an application like Flicker/You Tube / Face book/Twitter etc.

  13. List of Content Types & their Usages.

  14. List of Views & their Usages.

  15. Details of Web form/panels/cck forms/Custom blocks/Pages etc.

  16. Pending/New Change Requests.

  17. Detailed Bug list of open bugs.

  18. Details of open issues posted on forums for resolution (URLs).

  19. Details of versioning system used (CVS, SVN, Git etc.)

  20. Details of user roles and permissions (custom roles created - if any)

  21. List and details of client side technologies used in custom code - JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS(although this is server side)

  22. Details of internal defect tracking tool used (Zendesk, Jira, Bugzilla etc.)


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