Tata Tiago

How to pay traffic challan/fine pending on your vehicle ?

Now you can pay traffic fine online which is pending on your vehicle.

Right now this service is available in selected cities. For this purpose you can use traffic cops websites or Paytm.

How to use paytm for paying fine online ?

-Follow the simple steps

1.Open PAYTM app or website,login with your username password.

2. View all services,You will find "Challan"

Paytm traffic fine

3. Select your city. 

Paytm traffic fine

4. Put your vehicle registration number


Best Accessories for Tata Tiago.

Accessories for Tata Tiago.

Note: These are just suggested products.
Please do proper research before buying.

Microfiber towel :
1.Softspun Microfiber Towel & Cleaning Cloth 5 Pieces 

Car cleaner :
1. Zessta Dashboard Cleaner (250 ml) 

2. 3M car wash Shampoo

3. 3M Car care Glass Cleaner (250 ml)