Z launcher by Nokia

Z launcher by Nokia

I love Nokia because my first phone was Nokia 6030 and it is still in working condition.
So when I saw an android launcher app created by Nokia, I decided to try it out.

There are 'n' number of launcher apps present in Google app store, This app is an addition to that huge list.

I liked Z launcher only because of its simplicity and minimalist approach.

Working of this app is pretty simple user needs to draw an English alphabet on screen and all apps starting from that letter appears on the screen.

Z launcher app made of three screens :

1. Home screen/ Middle page : On this screen, a user can draw letters and fetch a list of apps.

2. Apps list / Right page : This page contains the list of all apps which are present in your android mobile.

3. Widget page / Left page : You can put widgets on this screen like the weather widget, camera widget whichever is present in your mobile.

Z launcher settings
You can visit setting section from App list section, There are two small icons present on the top right of the app list.
1. Google apps shortcut
2. Launcher settings.

There are total 10 settings present apart from some informative links.
Most important settings are :
1. Web search : It searches the web for words.
2. Content Source : It has 2 options :
-Web results-It will fetch information from bookmarks and browser history.

Rest of the settings are related to icons,theme & design related things.

Apps appear on home screen are listed by intelligent alogo and user preference + time of the day.

Apps developers claim that apps appear on the home screen in morning are different then apps appears on screen in evening.

Apart from all these technical things .
Drawing letters on screen fetching results are the fun thing.

You can draw your name and see what comes from internet/history.

It can accommodate up to 20 letters (for my mobile)

And for fun, you can draw anything on screen....



looks nice